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Case results are important to potential clients, but please remember, each case is different. What we achieve in someone else’s case does not mean we will get that for you. The facts and circumstances of each case vary. So it is impossible to compare “similar” case results because each case is truly different. However, we do have significant experience in evaluating, settling, mediating and trying cases.

$793 Thousand

Medical Malpractice

$793,423.78 Verdict in Federal Court Gallbladder Case Against the Salem VA Medical Center

Our firm, together with our friends at Cranwell & Moore, PLC,represented the estate of a veteran who died after a gallbladder surgery at the VA Medical Center in Salem, Virginia. He was survived by his two sons. The case was a federal bench trial in the United States District Court in Roanoke, Virginia. We alleged that the doctors at the Salem VA Medical Center were negligent when they injured the veteran’s common bile duct during the gallbladder surgery. We further alleged that the common bile duct injury caused the veteran’s death shortly thereafter. The claim was pursued under the Federal Tort Claims Act. At trial, we were able to win a verdict for the veteran’s estate for $793,423.78.

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Auto Accident

$1.3 Million Dollar Settlement for Local Man Involved in Out of State Accident

A local resident, who is a pillar of his community, was involved in a serious automobile accident while traveling out of state. When he was in the hospital recovering from his severe injuries, his family contacted The Jackson Law Group to represent him. Immediately taking a flight to the hospital to help the family, Tom handled the initial stages of paperwork and insurance issues during such a difficult and stressful time for the victim’s family. Tom and Tee Jackson handled the case and quickly securing the gentleman a $1.3 million dollar settlement without going to court. The client refers to working with The Jackson Law Group below.

“I’m well pleased with the way things went. I just more or less turned it over to Tom and Tee and sat back and let them handle it, because I knew they’d do a good job. And they did. We didn’t have to go to court, and I was very pleased with my settlement. I would fully recommend The Jackson Law Group as far as working closely with you and just being there for you all the time. When they needed anything they’d call me, or if I needed anything I’d call them. I think Tom and Tee went the extra mile and their staff are easy to work with. From here on, if I have any legal matters, I’ll take them to The Jackson Law Group.”


Auto/Truck Accident

$1.2 Million Dollar Settlement for Minor Involved in Crash with Trash Truck

The Jackson Law Group represented a minor who was seriously injured in a Virginia car accident with a trash truck. We obtained a personal injury settlement at mediation for $1.2 million dollars. The settlement included provisions for the long term care and special needs of the minor. Now in a trust managed by The Jackson Law Group, the settlement funds will ensure the minor receives financial assistance throughout his/her life.


"I received a million letters from attorney’s once I was unfortunately charged with reckless driving in VA. I called all of them, and Mr. Jackson was the most real, down to earth, didn’t sound like he was reading a script to me–attorney. He went above and beyond, and got my RD reduced to a non-moving… "

"I highly recommend the Jackson Law Group for help with Virginia moving violations. I was among the many who were not aware of the archaic Virginia speeding laws. I received a speeding ticket in Virginia (Carroll County) and hired the Jackson Law Group for a very reasonable fee. They represented me and concluded my case…"

"Mr. Haynes represented me for going over 80 MPH which is reckless driving in Virginia. He was very professional and his 20 years of experience was key to my understanding the process so that I would be able to take the steps and provide information that would allow me to make a good impression with… "

"I’m well pleased with the way things went. I just more or less turned it over to Tom and Tee and sat back and let them handle it, because I knew they’d do a good job. And they did. We didn’t have to go to court, and I was very pleased with my settlement. I…"

"Wonderful attorney & incredible staff. I love Tommy, Della & Leslie!"

-Harmony SimonsC"

"I have a wonderful experience working with the Jackson Law Group! The staff is amazing!"

-Jill Flores

"Wonderful group that treat their clients like family. Have worked with Tom and Della multiple times. Couldn’t ask for better service, compassion, and guidance. Highly recommend this firm to anyone."

-Stacy Williams Case We Handle

"I don’t know what I would have done without legal help from Tom Jackson when my husband entered the nursing home. John was a resident for over five years."

-Debbie Adams

"Mr. Jackson treated us like family, my husband knew him very well and he solved the problem for us. My husband had been involved in your community businesses for many years. Thanks, Mr. Jackson!"

-Marcia Seehorn