Guardianship and Conservatorship

Legal Care for Your Loved Ones

What do I need? A power of attorney or conservatorship and guardianship?

Caring for elderly or impaired family members is stressful and difficult. However, protecting your loved ones legally is also extremely important. If a person can no longer manage their financial affairs, The Jackson Law Group can petition for a guardianship and conservatorship on your behalf. A legal document called a power of attorney is a great option to name an agent to take action on a loved one’s behalf only if the person is still mentally competent and understands what he or she is signing. More on how to obtain a power of attorney HERE. In situations where the competency of a loved one is fading and health issues are severe, a court process is necessary to obtain guardianship and conservatorship.


How do I obtain a conservatorship and guardianship?

The Jackson Law Group will file a petition with the court on the client’s behalf. Then, the judge appoints an attorney to represent the elderly or impaired person’s interests. A doctor files a report with the judge, and a hearing is usually held. Once granted, the petitioner typically has to post a bond which protects the assets of the family member. So then a court order is entered, establishing the petitioner as the legal guardian and conservator, who can then handle financial matters. As a guardian and conservator, there are several required responsibilities including filing a yearly report on income and expenses with the Commissioner of Accounts.

The Jackson Law Group has significant experience drafting powers of attorney and representing petitioners in court, pursuing a court order to establish guardianship and conservatorship. Call The Jackson Law Group to discuss finding a solution that works for your family.

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“I don’t know what I would have done without legal help from Tom Jackson when my husband entered the nursing home. John was a resident for over five years. Thank you for your compassionate representation. I highly recommend Tom Jackson.”

– Debbie Adams  (5* Facebook Review)