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A real estate transaction is complicated. With so much on the line, you need a skilled legal advocate by your side. We do regular real estate closings and handle both residential and commercial transactions. The Jackson Law Group will provide the legal expertise you need to protect you in your transaction when buying or selling real estate in the Carroll, Grayson, and Wythe Counties.

The Jackson Law Group handles numerous court suits involving boundary line disputes and right of way issues. Our Virginia real estate lawyers are experienced in filing partition suits in situations, where there are multiple owners of the property and one owner wants to sell his or her interest and convert the interest to cash. Call us today for your confidential initial consultation.

An Overview Of Real Estate Matters We Handle In Virginia

Property Title Search: Before a real estate transaction can be completed, it is crucial that a comprehensive title search is performed. The purpose of a title search is to ensure that the title of the property is in good standing—meaning it is free and clear from any liens or encumbrances. Call our Virginia real estate lawyers today to get help with a title search.

Real Estate Closing: Also known as “settlement,” a real estate closing is the final step in executing a real estate transaction. It is the day that real estate buyers officially take ownership of the property they have purchased. Loan paperwork is signed, funds are transferred, and deeds are signed and recorded. Whether you are buying or selling property, our Virginia real estate closing attorneys are here to help you navigate the process. We will make sure that things are handled the right way.

Review and Prepare Real Estate Documents: Our Virginia real estate attorneys help clients with the preparation and review of important documents, including purchase agreements and other contracts. In real estate, the small details always matter. We will confirm that any contract you sign is drafted properly—ensuring that it fully protects your rights and effectively achieves your goals.

Commercial Real Estate: We have extensive experience providing commercial real estate services in Virginia. Our attorneys assist clients with the full range of issues, including real estate closing, financing, commercial leases, zoning/land use, new construction, and a wide range of other commercial real estate matters. If you have any questions about our legal services, contact our Virginia real estate lawyers today for help.

Easements and Rights of Way: An easement is a type of non-possessory property right. In other words, these terms easements and rights of way are used to describe legal rights to travel over your property or someone else’s property. This can also be a term referring to property rights given to a third party. Our Virginia real estate lawyers help clients with easements and other matters involving a non-possessory right-of-way. Call our law office now for additional information.

Partition Suits: When a real estate property is jointly owned, a lawsuit can be filed to ask a Virginia judge to sell the property and divide the proceeds among all the owners. Additionally, the judge can allow the other owners to buy out the party who wants to sell. Lastly, the judge can evenly divide property with multiple owners to create separate tracts, which would individually be owned. If you have questions about jointly-owner property or you are already involved in a partition dispute, our Virginia real estate lawyers are ready to protect your rights and help you find the best solution.

Land Use and Zoning Issues: In Virginia, there are many rules and regulations in place regarding property usage. With deep ties to the local community, our Virginia real estate lawyers help individuals, businesses, and developers with the full range of land use and zoning issues. If you have any questions about state or local land use regulations, we are here to advise you on the best way to proceed.

Land Condemnation: In Virginia, state and municipal authorities have the power to condemn private property in certain circumstances. Through a process known as ‘eminent domain’, the government may be able to take or use your land for a public purpose. That being said, they cannot do so without paying full and fair financial compensation. Further, government agencies must follow certain rules and regulations when condemning property. With personal experience in land condemnation cases, the real estate lawyers at The Jackson Law Group will protect your property rights. Call our Virginia land condemnation lawyers today for immediate help with your case.

You Can Rely On The Virginia Real Estate Attorneys At The Jackson Law Group

Real estate law is complex. At The Jackson Law Group, we have technical legal skill and local knowledge to protect your legal rights and financial interests. When you get in touch with our law firm, you will have a chance to consult with a Virginia real estate lawyer who will:

  • Answer your questions during a comprehensive initial consultation;
  • Gather any documents, records, and information you need to proceed;
  • Handle all contracts and legal paperwork; and
  • Take proactive steps to protect your interests and help you overcome any obstacles.

One of the things that sets our law firm apart is our commitment to personal attention. We know that every real estate transaction or property issue involves its own unique set of facts. Our Virginia attorneys will put in the time and resources to ensure that your case is handled properly.

Call Our Virginia Real Estate Lawyers For A Confidential Consultation

At The Jackson Law Group, our Virginia real estate law attorneys have the professional expertise, legal experience, and real world knowledge that you can trust. If you have any questions about real estate law or real estate transactions, we are more than happy to help. Contact us now for a fully confidential review of your case. With law office locations in Hillsville and Wytheville, we provide real estate services throughout the surrounding area, including in Wythe County, Carroll County, Grayson County, Washington County, Pulaski County, Floyd County, and Franklin County.


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