Virginia Land Condemnation Lawyers

As a child, Tom Jackson watched as Interstate 77 was built through the middle of his family farm and decided upon graduation from law school that he would do everything possible to ensure that landowners were compensated fairly and treated with dignity and respect. If you are the subject of a condemnation proceeding, let the Jackson Law Group take charge of your case and help you navigate through this most complex and difficult proceeding. We can make a difference for you.

The power to condemn land is used by power companies, propane gas companies, and governmental entities like the Virginia Department of Transportation to obtain the land they need for new project construction.

A landowner has little ability to stop this public taking of his land and is put in a difficult position as pressure is applied to settle. Thomas M. Jackson Jr. represents only landowners in their cases and has a 27-year history of helping landowners receive fair compensation for what is being taken. He has obtained courtroom awards in excess of 1 million dollars and has experience in all types of condemnations including those initiated by:

  • Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Appalachian Power Company
  • Duke Energy
  • Towns and Counties

Be sure to download out Virginia Insider’s Guide to Land Condemnation for more information.



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