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Medical malpractice cases are very difficult and complicated. It is expensive to take a Virginia medical malpractice case to trial. For this reason, we are extremely selective regarding which cases we take. One of the toughest things for some people who contact us to understand is that a terrible medical outcome doesn’t necessarily mean that a medical provider was negligent. However, we do have significant experience in evaluating, settling, mediating and taking medical malpractice cases to trial.

Each Case is Different

We know that case results are important to potential clients. IMPORTANT: Each case is different. What we were able to achieve in someone else’s case does not mean that we’ll get that for you. The facts and circumstances of each case vary and it is impossible to compare “similar” case results. There are rarely “similar” cases to yours as each case is truly different. However, we do have significant experience in evaluating, settling, mediating and trying cases.

The Jackson Law Group | Case Results

$793,423.78 Verdict in Federal Court Gallbladder Case Against the Salem VA Medical Center

Our firm, together with our friends at Cranwell & Moore, PLC, represented the estate of a veteran who died after a gallbladder surgery at the VA Medical Center in Salem, Virginia. He was survived by his two sons. The case was a federal bench trial in the United States District Court in Roanoke, Virginia. We alleged that the doctors at the Salem VA Medical Center were negligent when they injured the veteran’s common bile duct during the gallbladder surgery. We further alleged that the common bile duct injury caused the veteran’s death shortly thereafter. The claim was pursued under the Federal Tort Claims Act. At trial, we were able to win a verdict for the veteran’s estate for $793,423.78.