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Injured in a Virginia Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Accident?

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Call The Jackson Law Group before Calling the Insurance Company

Insurance companies and their adjusters try to get accident victims agreeing to settle their own cases as quickly and cheaply as possible. In fact, the goal of insurance companies is to settle claims as quickly and cheaply as possible. Because of this, we hear horror stories from clients, such as low ball offers and adjusters telling victims their settlement offer will expire at the end of the day. Adjusters also try to take advantage of accident victims before they contact an experienced personal injury attorney. Do not let this happen to you, and call The Jackson Law Group before speaking to any insurance representatives.

Don’t Sign Medical Release Forms

Insurance adjusters use high pressure tactics so victims will sign broad medical record releases. The medical releases can be used to obtain old medical records to find  “preexisting conditions.” This reduces the value of your claim. Do not sign medical release forms before talking to a personal injury lawyer about your case.

Beware of Recorded Statements

Insurance adjusters request you provide a recorded statement immediately after the accident. Attempting to figure out who was at fault. This recorded statement is critical for your case! These adjusters are trained in asking questions in ways to confuse accident victims. Virginia’s law relating to car accidents called “contributory negligence” means if an accident victim is at fault in any way, even 1%, the victim can NOT recover for their injuries. Unfortunately,  getting confused and answering  these questions incorrectly means your claim can be denied. Legal representation will help you avoid being this situation.

We Will Help You with Your Claim

Contact us before speaking to the insurance adjuster or signing any medical records releases. The Jackson Law Group is experienced dealing with insurance companies and adjusters. We handle a broad range of personal injury cases from catastrophic injuries and wrongful death to smaller fender benders, regularly. We will help you navigate through insurance claims and to get the compensation you deserve.

The Jackson Law Group | Case Results

Case results are important to potential clients, but please remember, each case is different. What we achieve in someone else’s case does not mean we will get that for you. The facts and circumstances of each case vary. So it is impossible to compare “similar” case results because each case is truly different. However, we do have significant experience in evaluating, settling, mediating and trying cases.

$1.3 Million Dollar Settlement for Local Man Involved in Out of State Accident

A local resident, who is a pillar of his community, was involved in a serious automobile accident while traveling out of state. When he was in the hospital recovering from his severe injuries, his family contacted The Jackson Law Group to represent him. Immediately taking a flight to the hospital to help the family, Tom handled the initial stages of paperwork and insurance issues during such a difficult and stressful time for the victim’s family. Tom and Tee Jackson handled the case and quickly securing the gentleman a $1.3 million dollar settlement without going to court. The client refers to working with The Jackson Law Group below.
“I’m well pleased with the way things went. I just more or less turned it over to Tom and Tee and sat back and let them handle it, because I knew they’d do a good job. And they did. We didn’t have to go to court, and I was very pleased with my settlement. I would fully recommend The Jackson Law Group as far as working closely with you and just being there for you all the time. When they needed anything they’d call me, or if I needed anything I’d call them. I think Tom and Tee went the extra mile and their staff are easy to work with. From here on, if I have any legal matters, I’ll take them to The Jackson Law Group.”

$1.2 Million Dollar Settlement for Minor Involved in Crash with Trash Truck

The Jackson Law Group represented a minor who was seriously injured in a Virginia car accident with a trash truck. We obtained a personal injury settlement at mediation for $1.2 million dollars. The settlement included provisions for the long term care and special needs of the minor. Now in a trust managed by The Jackson Law Group, the settlement funds will ensure the minor receives financial assistance throughout his/her life.