Delays in Your Car Accident Settlement

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Unpacking the Delays in Your Car Accident Settlement: What You Need to Know

A car accident can leave you grappling with mounting medical bills and the uncertainty of when you can return to work. However, if you weren’t at fault, you have the option to seek compensation through a claim filed with the negligent party’s insurance company. Yet, receiving your rightful compensation is contingent on the finalization of your case and reaching a fair car accident settlement, a process that often spans approximately one year from the date of the accident, sometimes even longer. In this article, our Virginia car accident lawyer explains why such settlements may experience delays.

1. The Duration of Medical Treatment

Before reaching a car accident settlement, you must attain Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). MMI signifies that your injuries have plateaued, neither improving nor worsening. It’s crucial to reach MMI before settling because you deserve full compensation for your needs. Without reaching MMI, you might not fully comprehend the extent of your injuries or the future expenses tied to them. Particularly for severe injuries, reaching MMI may extend beyond one year.

2. Evidence Compilation

Settling a car accident claim necessitates a substantial body of evidence. If your injuries prevent an immediate return to work, you must provide pay stubs demonstrating your lost wages due to the accident. Gathering all pertinent medical records from healthcare providers is essential. You may also require witness statements, including testimony from accident reconstruction experts, among others. Assembling this crucial evidence takes time and can lead to case delays.

3. Negotiations

The settlement process typically involves negotiations between your attorney and the insurance company representing the at-fault party. If the opposing side alleges any degree of fault on your part, the negotiations could protract. It’s vital to remain patient and steadfastly contest these claims. In Virginia, contributory negligence laws bar recovery if you are found even one percent at fault for the accident.

4. Addressing Expenses

Medical treatment is often necessary before compensation is received. Additionally, expert witnesses may be involved in your case, and they expect compensation for their services. Many of these professionals place liens on your settlement, entitling them to payment from your eventual compensation. The settlement process requires these expenses to be settled before you receive the remaining damages, a step that can extend the timeline.

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