Head Injuries Claim

woman injured in an automobile accident

People sustain head injuries in all sorts of accidents. There is one thing head injuries have in common: they can seriously impair a person’s normal life. If you’ve suffered a head injury, you might qualify to make a claim for compensation. Contact The Jackson Law Group today to discuss the legal process. Deciding whether to sue depends on many factors, such as the accident which injured you and the severity of your injuries.

Types of Head Injuries

Some of the most common head injuries include:

Concussions or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Trauma to the head or body disrupts how the brain normally functions. Many people experience memory loss, impaired coordination, mood swings, blurred vision, and slurred speech, among other problems. A TBI is often hard to diagnose because you cannot see the injury on an imaging test.

Scalp lacerations. A laceration presents many problems, including infection and scarring. It can also result in significant bleeding underneath the scalp.

Cerebral contusion. The brain can be bruised when it slides inside the skull, leading to impairment.

Subdural hematoma. This involves bleeding below the dura mater, often because of trauma.

Epidural hematoma. You can experience bleeding between the dura mater and the skull, which puts pressure on the brain.

Hypoxic or anoxic injury. The brain needs oxygen, and disruption can result in brain impairment, which is usually permanent.

The Claims Process

The claims process begins soon after your head injury. You should receive immediate medical care and follow your doctor’s recommendations. Some brain injuries require immediate surgery to relieve pressure on the brain and prevent death. Other brain injuries will require bed rest.

After receiving medical care, you can begin documenting the accident which led to your injury. Most head injuries are caused by:

Car accidents

Truck accidents

Pedestrian accidents

Slip and falls

Trip and falls

Defective products

Athletic accidents

Violent attacks

The evidence will depend on the situation. For example, if a defective product hurt you, then you should preserve the item and write down what happened. If you fell on someone’s property, it’s helpful to document the hazard which caused the fall.

An attorney can guide you through the claims process, which often requires finding out if the defendant has insurance. Motorists must carry car insurance, whereas businesses need a liability policy.

Other people might not have resources, however. A violent criminal who attacked you might be broke and “judgment proof,” which makes suing them a waste of time. But the business where you were attacked might be partially at fault for negligent security.

A Lawyer Makes a Big Difference

Although you might be tempted to bring your own claim, the better choice is to hire an attorney. Head injuries often impair clear thinking and lead to exhaustion. Even minor tasks can drain someone of all energy, and you have important deadlines to meet.

This is where The Jackson Law Group will be a big help. Our lawyers can swing into action to file an insurance claim or lawsuit. Please contact us today to learn more about whether we can help.