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Back injuries are uniquely disabling. Not only does the spinal cord run through the middle of the back, but any damage to the column or nerve roots can cause intense pain. Although most people recover from a back injury, some victims are permanently disabled. At The Jackson Law Group, our team has helped many accident victims receive compensation for back injuries, and we are eager to help you, too. Below, we highlight some of the most common considerations with this type of injury.

Will Your Back Injury Be Permanent?

Some injuries—such as a complete severing of your spinal column—can lead to immediate paralysis. There is little doubt you are facing a very serious injury when you can’t move your limbs. With other injuries, however, it isn’t immediately obvious whether you will heal with sufficient rest or rehab.

Your injury might be permanent if any of the following apply:

Your pain continues to worsen

You experience prolonged weakness in your limbs

You can’t walk or even stand

You participate in physical therapy but do not improve

Continue to work with your medical team to monitor your progress. New surgeries pop up all the time which might allow you to regain functioning and less pain, and your legal team should notify you of them.

Challenges with Permanent Back Disabilities

As personal injury lawyers, we focus on obtaining compensation for our clients. Still, there are certain challenges that arise with disabling back injuries.

For example, it is tricky to calculate your losses. You can receive money for medical care, including rehab, medication, and at-home help. With a permanent injury, you might need care for decades. Because we don’t know how much that will cost, we usually rely on expert witnesses who can gauge the cost of future care.

You can also qualify for past, present, and future lost income. Calculating future lost income is difficult and depends on many considerations, such as your age, education, experience, and current income. We often use expert witnesses to help us fully calculate this type of loss.

Unfortunately, some defendants might lack the compensation to pay a full and fair settlement, which is another hurdle. A permanent back injury like paralysis could be worth over $1 million. Few people have that kind of money. What’s more, their insurance doesn’t remotely begin to cover seven figures in damages. An experienced attorney will try to marshal all available sources to pay compensation.

Moving Forward with a Back Disability

One concern people have involves income. With a permanent disability, many people are afraid they will be unable to support their families. We can discuss options, such as vocational rehabilitation to see if you can find a new job even with a disability. Remote work options have cropped up recently, which is a great help to those who are housebound. Alternatively, you might need to go on federal disability benefits if you can’t work any job.

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